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We take all our eye care to Archdale.

Married, with five children. We take all our eye care to Archdale. Two in the family have eye problems. The entire staff is fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and it is a one stop eye care facility, from simple annual eye exams, to contact lens appointments, to health care for the eyes. Their facility is top notch with all the latest technology advancements. They take all our insurances, from VSP, to Medicare, to the health coverage, Kaiser. They move you from station to station, starting with the paperwork and insurance coverage, letting us know right then what the costs will be. The front staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Then they take you to the room with all the equipment tests, including Optimap, which I highly recommend. Then you go to the exam room which is comfortable and up to date, followed by the detailed meeting with the Doc. Then if prescription is needed you are taken to their room with a wide selection of frames with all the options with lenses. The staff in this section are also very friendly, knowledgeable, and let you know right there what the insurance covers, and what the total bill will be. I recommend Archdale.

- Jeff K. - Google Review