Pre/Post Operative Surgical Care Services

At Archdale Eyecare, we provide Colorado Springs with pre-operative and post-operative eye care. Our secondary care includes co-management of surgical eye care services for cataracts, LASIK, glaucoma or other eye surgeries. Due to our belief of high-quality care throughout the patient process, our referral network contains the best local ophthalmologists in Colorado Springs. You’ll feel you’re in great hands, even when you aren’t onsite at Archdale.

FREE Refractive Surgery Consultation

At Archdale Eyecare we know the idea of having a refractive surgery, like LASIK, is in the back of every glasses-wearing individual’s mind. We want to help you understand not only your procedure options but what you will deal with after the surgery is done.

Modern advancements in eye care surgical services are wonderful. Our patients now have many eye care options available, but we believe every patient should ask: “What is best option for me?” Let us help answer any questions you may have during our FREE refractive surgery consultation. Call today and just let us know you are contemplating something other than glasses or contacts and have some questions and we will get you scheduled.

Call today!

Southern Colorado Springs (719) 577-4400 • Northern Colorado Springs (719) 638-4010

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