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This Or That: Maintaining Your Eyesight

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365 days can manifest a great deal that you might not be able to set your sights on quite yet. Don’t wait until you can see it to believe it.

Quiz yourself in a quick “This or That!” and see where you stand when it comes to maintaining your eyesight and what’s worth *looking* into for your eye health before 2022.

What age group is likely to develop an eye concern within 1 year?

  • THIS — 10-20 years old
  • THAT — 50-60 years old

Which form of smoking causes an issue in eye health?

  • THIS — Smoking Cigarettes
  • THAT — Smoking Vapes

What can lead to a vision impairing eye complication?

  • THIS — Daily use of unprescribed (OTC) eye drops
  • THAT — Forgetting to remove contact lenses