Service is a word that can have different meanings and expectations. What we offer and what we do are not the only Service you will receive when you visit Archdale Eyecare. Our goal is to be the place in Colorado Springs for anything your eyes need. From medical eye care to fashion eyewear, we want you to feel the Service hearts of our staff, through the Services we offer. Our state of the art facilities and equipment allow us to provide accuracy and quality as priority in our Service. We also back our quality Service and products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Great customer Service is the foundation of what our optometrists provide at Archdale Eyecare. Come see what our hearts have to offer!

Comprehensive Eye Care

Archdale Eyecare provides comprehensive eye examinations that include dilation of the pupils or the Optomap retinal scan for a thorough eye health evaluation.

– Eye Exams – for all ages
– Eye Disease Detection/Treatment
– Surgical Services
– 24-hour emergency treatment
– Foriegn Body removal
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Optical Dispensary

Archdale Eyecare stocks over 700 frames at each of our locations with expert optometrists to help you see better and look better.

– Sports glasses
– Speciality/Computer glasses
– Designer and Fashion styles
– In-Office lens laboratory
– Sunglasses
– Eye glass accessories
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Archdale Eyecare has thousands of trial contacts available so you will likely wear a pair home the same day you are in!

– Expert consulting and fitting
– Bifocals, Colors
– Rigid Gas permeables
– Toric contacts for astigmatism
– Specialty lenses for Keratonus and other Eye Conditions
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Payment and Insurance

Archdale Eyecare works with most major vision and medical insurance plans. Please call us and we will check your insurance coverage in advance for you. We participate with most major plans including: VSP, Medicare, UHC, Kaiser, Colorado Vision Care Direct and others.
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Surgical Care

Archdale Eyecare provides Colorado Springs with primary and secondary surgical eyecare. The secondary care includes co-management of surgical treatment for cataracts, lasik, glaucoma or other eye surgeries.


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Archdale Eyecare has the latest technology in eye exams – the Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT,
is a non-invasive technology used for imaging the retina and the
Optomap™ Retinal Exam which allows us to perform the most advanced eye exams possible.

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Archdale Eyecare offers a full range of eyecare Services serving Colorado Springs with 2 convenient locations. Archdale Eyecare has the ability and expertise to care for anyone in your family from young children to seniors. Our state of the art facilities, committed staff and equipment allow us to provide accuracy and quality as our number one Service. Most importantly Archdale Eyecare treats our patients like we would treat our own family members.

We also back our quality Service and products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.